Efficient Data Extraction with Google Maps-Scraper: A Multi-keyword Approach.

Revolutionize your data extraction process with Google Maps Business Scraper Pro & Multi-Keywords. This powerful tool enables you to effortlessly extract essential business information such as phone numbers, services, titles, websites, and addresses from Google Maps search results tailored to your specific keywords.

Effortlessly export your scraped data into Excel(.xlsx) or HTML file(.xlsx). Our tool seamlessly integrates with the latest version of Chrome (V96), ensuring a smooth and efficient scraping experience.

This application is designed for lead generation and various similar tasks. Customize your search criteria with precision, from filtering organizations by rating to specifying review length. You have full control over the data extraction process, ensuring you get the information you need from Google Maps.

Who are use this tools?

The use of Google Maps Data Scrapers and Multi-keyword tools can vary widely across industries and purposes. Here are some examples of potential users:

  1. Local Businesses: Small businesses such as restaurants, cafes, retail stores, and service providers may use Google Maps Data Scrapers to gather information about their competitors, analyze local market trends, and identify potential business opportunities in specific geographic areas.

  2. Digital Marketing Agencies: Marketing agencies may utilize Google Maps Data Scrapers and Multi-keyword tools to gather data for local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns, such as identifying relevant keywords, analyzing competitor locations, and optimizing business listings for better visibility in local search results.

  3. Real Estate Professionals: Real estate agents and brokers may use these tools to gather information about property listings, analyze neighborhood demographics, and identify potential leads or investment opportunities in specific geographic areas.

  4. Research Firms: Market research firms and data analysis companies may utilize Google Maps Data Scrapers to collect location-based data for various research projects, such as demographic analysis, consumer behavior studies, and urban planning initiatives.

  5. Transportation and Logistics Companies: Transportation and logistics companies may use these tools to gather data on routes, traffic patterns, and geographic features to optimize their operations, improve delivery times, and reduce costs.

  6. Government Agencies: Government agencies may utilize Google Maps Data Scrapers for urban planning, infrastructure development, emergency response planning, and public service initiatives, such as mapping out public transportation routes, identifying areas for development, and analyzing population density.

  7. Travel and Tourism Industry: Travel agencies, tourism boards, and hospitality businesses may use these tools to gather information about tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, and other points of interest to create customized travel itineraries, promote local tourism, and enhance the visitor experience.

Overall, the users of Google Maps Data Scrapers and Multi-keyword tools span a wide range of industries and purposes, all seeking to leverage location-based data for decision-making, analysis, and strategic planning.

Detailed List of Extracted Data:

  • Company Name
  • Service
  • Phone Numbers
  • Address
  • Website
  • Global Rating
  • Total Reviews
  • Plus Code
  • Menu
  • Links Pages

Key Features:

  • Multi-Keywords
  • Anti-Robot Driver Mode for Chrome
  • Export Results in Excel or Text File Format
  • Supports Last Version of Chrome (v97)

Benefits of using Google Maps Business Scraper Pro:

Using Google Maps Business Scraper Pro offers numerous benefits for businesses and individuals seeking to gather valuable data from Google Maps listings. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Accurate Data Extraction: Google Maps Business Scraper Pro ensures accurate and up-to-date data extraction from Google Maps listings, including business names, addresses, phone numbers, website URLs, opening hours, and other relevant information.

  2. Competitor Analysis: Businesses can use the extracted data to conduct competitor analysis, identify key players in their industry or niche, and gather insights into competitors’ offerings, locations, and customer reviews.

  3. Lead Generation: The scraper enables efficient lead generation by extracting contact details of potential customers or clients from Google Maps listings. This data can be used for targeted marketing campaigns, sales outreach, and business development efforts.

  4. Local SEO Optimization: By extracting data from Google Maps listings, businesses can identify relevant keywords, business categories, and geographic locations to optimize their local SEO strategies. This helps improve visibility in local search results and attract more customers from nearby areas.

  5. Market Research: Google Maps Business Scraper Pro facilitates market research by providing access to a vast database of business listings across different industries and locations. This data can be analyzed to identify market trends, consumer preferences, and opportunities for expansion or diversification.

  6. Business Intelligence: Extracted data can be used for business intelligence purposes, such as identifying emerging markets, assessing demand for products or services, and making informed strategic decisions based on market insights.

  7. Time and Cost Savings: Automating the data extraction process with Google Maps Business Scraper Pro saves time and reduces the resources required for manual data collection. This allows businesses to focus on core activities and maximize efficiency.

  8. Customization and Flexibility: The scraper offers customization options, allowing users to specify search criteria, filters, and data fields to extract according to their specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that businesses can tailor the extracted data to meet their unique needs.

Overall, Google Maps Business Scraper Pro streamlines the process of extracting valuable data from Google Maps listings, empowering businesses to gain insights, generate leads, optimize their online presence, and make data-driven decisions for success.

Online Support:

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